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Professional help for your home renovation:

No matter what’s the purpose of your room addition, consulting a professional is essential. Get a creative and knowledgeable architect who will guide you through the process. Hiring an architect is not only a good idea, but in many cases (e.g when the floor plan of your home will change) is required by law.

Architects can help you consider your project’s purpose and plan your addition. The process involves consultation (usually in-home consultations), design, material and solutions selection, and finally building or renovation. An architect will develop plans that provide the desired features, will provide a construction cost estimate and consider any issue that may arise during your room addition. Planning and work can take as long as several months depending on the type and size of the home addition you want. Usually the design and documentation stage takes 3-4 months, getting a building permit takes from 4 weeks to 2+ months, and you should estimate 4-8 months for the construction.

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services an architect can provide in a typical project

Building Code Analysis

Building program review

Conceptual design

Design development

Working drawings



Periodic construction observation

Project close out, and more.

Increase your home’s beauty

New bedroom

Bathroom remodel

Interior design

Basement suite

Kitchen remodel


Outdoor & Indoor Repairs

Our market research has shown us that outdoor home replacement and repair projects can have up to a 72 percent return on investment. With this in mind, home owners are thinking twice before they ignore that troublesome garage door or faulty front door entrance. Instead, small and large outdoor home repairs are helping to restore curb appeal to residential homes. From chimney repairs to fencing installation, we will help you to improve the value of your home.

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