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Room additions: why do people decide on them? Room additions may not only have functional purpose, but also may add aesthetic and even monetary value to your building.   

First of all, room additions expand your living space and make your home more efficient and comfortable. You can enlarge the footprint of your home if you have a spacious yard and can add a bump out or a full room, a sunroom or an enclosed patio. An addition can become a great solution to have that extra room you need. It can be a storage, laundry, another bathroom or a guest room, a playroom or a gym, your home office or that dream bedroom.

Room additions also add aesthetic appeal to your home interior and exterior. Many homeowners choose uniquely-shaped additions, such as rooms with six or eight walls. A room or patio with french windows will allow to show off your beautiful garden. Sunrooms or conservatories are another option to add aesthetic value to your home.

And finally, room additions can add value to the price of your house. Of course, additions with functional purpose are more valuable than those done to make the house look more beautiful. More resale value is guaranteed if you have invested in additions for a kitchen, a bathroom, or a deck. Any addition should look seamlessly with the original building. This helps with the resale value, too.

How do you pay for your home additions?

  • cash
  • home equity line of credit or 2nd mortgage
  • stock
  • alternative income driving investments 
  • loans from on your investments

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